WR Cedar, A&Better Grade, S1S2E

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WR Cedar, CLEAR, S1S2E
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Clear kiln-dried Western Red Cedar Lumber Boards that are rough one side. This Western Red Cedar is for those that prefer the finest Cedar, free of knots. This board is 3/4" thick.  This style Cedar board is often used for siding and fencing, among other exterior projects.  Boards are kiln-dried and an A&Better grade clear stock. This material is S1S2E (surfaced 1 side and 2 edges) meaning one side (face) is left rough, and the other side and edges are planed smooth. The rough side is often preferred as being exposed for its rustic appearance, but either or both sides can be visible. 


Western Red Cedar is a softwood known for its stability, straight grain and durability in exterior climates. This lumber is naturally resistant to rot and decay without any treatment. Western Red Cedar is normally reddish-brown in color.  Color can vary from board to board.  This wood ages to a natural silver-gray color when left unfinished outdoors. Western Red Cedar is very popular to use in exterior projects like decks, garden beds, arbors, fences, shingles, and siding to name just a few. This wood is sometimes favored over treated yellow pine for exterior projects due to it being lighter and more stable. But Cedar does have acid properties which can be corrosive to some metals, therefore copper, stainless steel, ceramic coated or galvanized fasteners should be used.


Due to the grade of this product, there could be times when item is on back order.  Back-orders may take 3 to 5 weeks to arrive.