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Hardwoods - S4S

S4S (Surfaced-Four-Sides) Hardwood boards in over 20 domestic and exotic species and many sizes.  Clean surfaced on all four sides.  

Different species of trees grow to different girths and heights.  For this reason each species will have different options of thickness, width and lengths.  The 3' and 4' lengths are sold in packs of 2 boards.  The 5', 6', and 7' lengths are sold individually.  

All of our hardwood orders are hand selected and cut from our S2S hardwood stock at the store.  S4S boards are planed and hand sanded with a heavy 40 grit paper.  Additional finishing may be needed. 

We have an amazing selection of hardwoods, but there may be times when a species is out of a width or length. We will do our best to fill all orders. If we are unable to fill your order by the given lead time, we will notify you by e-mail/phone call.