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Molecule Driveway Sealer by TECHNISOIL

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Molecule Driveway Sealer
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Molecule Driveway Sealer® by Technisoil is the next-generation in water-based sealers.  This sealer provides stain resistance without causing harm or leaving a film on the driveway. Molecule is VOC-free and ready to use. Easy to apply using a common handheld pump sprayer.  This is for a more natural look with no sheen. Available in 16 oz. sample size (1 per household) and 1 gallon containers.



  • Reduces staining from most liquids and debris,
  • Penetrating surface protectant,
  • Reduces freeze-thaw damage,
  • Tire tracking resistance,
  • Easy application needing only a handheld pump sprayer,
  • Quick drying time.