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Green Victoria Ball Post Cap

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Green Victoria Ball Post Caps to add a finishing touch to any deck or fence.  Cap is for a nominal 4" x 4".  These post caps can be installed by applying an exterior caulk to the under-side or by simply using finishing nails to nail the post cap to the post. Post cap sold individually.

As with any exterior product, it is recommended to apply a good quality finish to preserve the wood's natural beauty and protect the post cap.  These caps are made with Western Red Cedar and available in several finishes. 

This post cap is on CLEARANCE.  Available while supplies last! 

Regular (4x4) True Dimension L:5-2/8" W:5-2/8" H:5" Inside Dimension L:3-5/8" W:3-5/8" H:5" 


BEFORE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Please apply a sealer on ALL wood parts (top, bottom, inside and sides) of the cap BEFORE installation.  Applying and maintaining a sealer on the caps will help maximize the life of the cap over time.