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Cherry Hardwood S4S

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Cherry Hardwood Lumber Boards - Surfaced S4S (surfaced four sides) and kiln-dried.  This board is more finished than our S2S1E boards and cut from our S2S material. Although surfaced, additional dressing and sanding of the boards may be needed to complete your project.


These boards are graded F.A.S. (First and Seconds) on the one side which can allow an occasional pin knot and small defect on the good side.  The back side can have a few knots, wane and other minor defects.  There can be an occasional end check (small crack at end of board).


 American Cherry, also known as Black Cherry, grows in Canada and USA.  With its beautiful reddish brown color and smooth texture, Cherry is used for furniture and musical instruments.  Cherry takes stain well.

If you would like a less finished board, please see our S2S1E Hardwoods.