Basswood Hardwood S2S1E

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S2S1E (surfaced 2 sides and 1 edge) Hardwoods are for the woodworker as the boards are partially dressed. Boards are “skip” surfaced on both faces with 1 edge clean-ripped. Skip surfaced cleans up most of the roughness to the board, but there could be an occasional rough patch on the faces of boards. Additional dressing and planning of the boards may be needed to complete your project. Since one edge is left rough, please allow a 1” variance in the width of the board. 


Grade allows for an occasional pin or small knot, small defect or wane on back side of board.  Boards can also have a small end check (crack at end of board).  We recommend purchasing board a little longer than project needs to accommodate clean up cut at job site.


 Basswood grows in Eastern Canada and USA.  This soft creamy white to pale pinkish brown wood is ideal for wood carving, food containers and pattern making.  Basswood has even been used in making bee hives.

If you would like a more finished board, please see our S4S Hardwoods.