Pine Bevel Siding

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Pine Bevel Siding
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White Pine Bevel Siding.  This siding has a bevel with the butt side being 11/16" thick and the tapered side being 3/16" thick.  Left rough on one side for a more rustic look.  Graded a select tight knot grade for the rough side.  This grade does allow for knots, but the knots should be tight and not as likely to fall out.  The back side is smoother, but is skip surface and can have more imperfections from milling.

Can be used exterior or interior.  Available in a 6", 8" or 10" wide board.

It is recommended to prime and paint this bevel siding with exterior grade products.  For harsher climates, we recommend using Classic Woodlife Wood Preservative, Sold Separately, on all sides then apply an exterior grade primer on all sides before installing.  Then caulk and paint with an exterior grade top coat after installation.


There is a minimum of 5 boards per order for this product.


Available in:

1X6  (approx 5-1/4” wide) 

1X8  (approx 7-1/4” wide) 

1X10 (approx 9-1/4” wide)