Hechthout Okoume Marine Plywood Redi-Cuts

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Plywood - Okoume Marine
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Hechthout Okoume Marine Plywood in full or partial sheets. Hechthout® Okoume Marine Plywood is one of the finest marine grade plywoods made.  Okoume Marine Plywood has been used in the construction of boats for decades due to its weather and water-resistant qualities. Both sides of the Hechthout® Okoume Marine Plywood has an A grade surface with no patches or imperfections.  This plywood is made with A grade on all plys throughout the plywood.  Having A grade plys with no patches or imperfections throughout the plywood allows for a solid, no void piece of plywood.  The plywood could have a manufacturer stamp along one edge on one side. 

Veneer, paint or fiberglass can be applied easily due to its smooth surfaces. 

Our plywoods are sold in 4'x8' sheets at the lumber yard and cut down to smaller sizes in our woodshop. Please allow 1/4"+/- variance in size to allow for saw blade cutting.  Available in many thicknesses and sizes.