Brickmold 7216 Moulding 1-13/16" X 3-1/4"

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Brickmold 7216
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Brickmold Style 7216 is available in exterior grade PVC. This is a larger and more decorative brickmold measuring 1-13/16" wide and 3-1/4" tall. 

 Choose from the following bundle sizes:  

  • 3 pieces 6' in length for a total of 18 linear feet,
  • Contractor bundle is 48 to 49 linear feet.  Pieces will be 7' to 8' in length.
  • Sample option is also available.

PVC is the best brickmold to use for harsher weather conditions and areas that tend to be damp or retain moisture.  Also best to be used on the northern side of the the house.