RigidLam LVL Beam

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RigidLam 2.0E LVL Beam for straighter and stronger beams.  LVL stands for "Laminated Veneer Lumber".  These LVL beams can support heaver loads and allow for a larger span than traditional solid sawn lumber.  These LVL beams have a water repellent wax that has been applied to all sides, protecting the beam during the construction process. 

  • 2.0E for a superior beam
  • 1-3/4" thick
  • Choose 9-1/4" or 11-7/8" tall
  • Available in 6' or 8' lengths
  • Sold Individually
  • Must be motor-shipped to your location

 LVL beams are an interior product.  It is recommended to store lying flat and protected from weather.

There is a minimum of 5 beams for all delivery orders.  For 10' or 12' length beams, please contact us for a quote.