Butternut Hardwood S2S1E

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S2S1E (surfaced 2 sides and 1 edge) Hardwoods are for the woodworker as the boards are partially dressed. Boards are “skip” surfaced on both faces with 1 edge clean-ripped. Skip surfaced cleans up most of the roughness to the board, but there could be an occasional rough patch on the faces of boards. Additional dressing and planning of the boards may be needed to complete your project. Since one edge is left rough, please allow a 1” variance in the width of the board. 

Butternut is usually a light to medium tan, sometimes with a reddish tint. Rings are darker and form distinct grain patterns. Easy to work with but has the tendency to have some fuzzy surfaces when planing or sanding. Janka Hardness Scale is 490 lbf. 

If you would like a more finished board, please see our S4S Hardwoods.  Also, widths and lengths not listed on the online store may be available.  If you need a wider or longer board not listed here, please inquire at 800-244-6492 or via e-mail at Onlinesales@capitolcitylumber.com to check availability.